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Kent Spong Vintage Synthesiser Restorations

How It Works

1.  Complete the booking form

Please get in touch by completing the online booking form and clearly describe the fault. We will require the model numbers of your equipment as well as your contact details including your post code/location as this will allow us to provide a free no obligation estimate and reservation date.

Please note that there is a minimum fee of £85 per unit, which covers the first 1hr labour including the initial assessment, any minor faults and a small service.


2.  Once you receive our estimation

If you wish to proceed with the repair work suggested, please arrange either to send the item into us or contact us to arrange drop off. When sending by courier please ensure packing is sufficient to prevent shipping damage.


Depending on the complexity of the repair we might be able to offer a same-day repair, which is popular for some travelling customers. If you are interested in the same-day service, please let us know in advance. There may be additional charge for emergency bookings.

3.  After the initial assessment

It is not until equipment has been assessed that we can confirm the estimation given, as with vintage equipment parts are becoming increasingly rare and expensive. Although experience dictates most jobs are completed within the estimate should the required work exceed the estimate you will be contacted to determine if the repair is economically feasible.

4.  Return of your equipment

You will be contacted via email once the repair/ restoration is complete. Once invoiced we require collection or shipping to be within 14 days after which a further notification will be sent and a storage charge of £10 per day will be accrued.

Any equipment left on the premises beyond 3 months of a second notification will be subject to disposal or broken up for parts. We implement this due to restricted storage on the premises.

If you have any further questions, please check out our Frequently Asked Questions section below and terms and conditions.

Kent Spong Vintage Synth Restorations

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you give quotes over the phone?
    Yes, but we do prefer to receive your description of the fault via our Booking A Repair form on the contact us page. This form allows you to leave all the relevant details relating to the fault and it wont get lost in translation, allowing us to give a more accurate quote.
  • What happens if my description of the fault isn't detailed enough and the repair requires more work then you quoted?
    This isn't very common, however it is our policy to complete the job for the hours quoted but if additional parts are required we will inform you and give a further quote for the cost & fitting of the additional parts. Any less than that and we'll complete the repairs at no extra cost.
  • How long will my repair take?
    Repairs vary considerably and due to this the turnaround time will also vary. However the average turnaround time for the most common repairs is 5 – 10 working days. It's important to note that we offer a same-day and priority repair service so please contact us for more detail.
  • When does my equipment go into your repair queue?
    Your equipment goes into our repair queue as soon as we receive it.
  • My equipment is still within its warranty period can you repair it?
    We always suggest that you take your equipment back to the manufacturer if it's still within warranty. We normally do not repair if equipment is still under a manufacturer’s warranty but can make exceptions.
  • How much does it cost to return my equipment to me?
    If we need to provide packing and arrange the courier its an additional £10. The preference is for you, the client, to arrange collection either in person or via courier. If originally shipped to us we will repack your equipment in the original packing and print labels if necessary.
  • Can I insure my musical instrument with the couriers?
    As regards insurance cover, unfortunately couriers do not cover musical instruments. Therefore please make sure your equipment has sufficient protective packaging.
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