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Although based in leafy Surrey, Kent has worked with many an international artist and has had people send equipment for repair from California to Canada, Oslo to Australia. Our clients range from enthusiasts & collectors (gear heads, such as Kent himself) to professional producers & composers (also like Kent himself, see his sound cloud library KSR80) and gigging musicians who take these vintage work horses on the road (not like Kent at all who is too busy in the workshop or studio).

Kent as a young lad in the early eighties embarked upon a career using his hands to restore high end cars and gained related qualifications at college, but his enthusiasm for the emerging electronic music diverted his attentions and as a session musician he played on several records and developed a relationship with London’s musical emporiums where he started on the road as a technician. After some time he and his friend Richard of RL Music saw an opportunity to develop a business offering restoration and support services in the late 90’s and KSR was launched. As an aside in 2011 Kent and Richard became co-founders/ directors of a separate company, Touch Digital Controllers Ltd which was formed to develop and sell a controller for GForce’s impOSCar 2 virtual instrument and Kent is perpetually working on designs for the mother of all synths to be his abiding legacy ……..

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